Did you know that more people today use medical marijuana? Many consumers are in search of cannabis oils with some studies suggesting that CBD oils can help the healing process of a wide range of diseases including cancer. Still, these studies indicate that cannabis oil shouldn’t be used as an alternative to conventional medicine. In this article, we shall discuss cannabis oil at depth and take a look at various CBD oil reviews.

What’s CBD Oil? What are the Best CBD Oil Sources?

Cannabidiol is a potent liquid extract obtained from cannabis sativa or the marijuana plant. Just like is the case with various herbal extracts, the chemicals found in cannabis oils differ depending on the chemicals that were in the plant in the first place, and the extraction method. It’s important to know that cannabis plants generate numerous compounds.

However, the popularly known compounds belong to the cannabinoids class. You may also want to know that there are various cannabinoids with the most popular being CBD(cannabidiol) and THC(tetrahydrocannabinol)

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Here are 14 of the best CBD oil reviews to help you choose your product with ease.

1. PureKana CBD Oil

PureKana is one of the best CBD oils in the market today. This product has made it to the list of other best CBD oil reviews because it offers the ultimate value when it comes to customer service, price, potency, and effectiveness. Some consumers who have used this product agree that it’s worth using in the long term especially for people who experience extensive back pain. The product is available in a 600 mg vanilla tincture which can help users sleep better at night.

Product Range

The product is available in a wide range which includes; topical cream, CBD capsules, CBD oil drops, CBD treats for pets, CBD pure kicks, and CBD isolate gummies. The price ranges from $54 to $390 and is available in 5000, 2500, 1000, 600, and 300 mg potencies. The available flavors include; mint, unflavored, and vanilla.

2. Premium Jane CBD

Premium Jane CBD oil is one of the newest brands in the market today. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from purchasing it. Premium Jane, the manufacturer, is committed to providing consumers with effectiveness, safety, and quality with their range of products which they’ve designed for sublingual administration.

Premium Jane CBD contains a full range of active therapeutic hemp compounds such as; nutrients, omega 3 and 6 acids, essential oils, phytocannabinoids, and terpenes. The company offers; 1,000, 600, and 300 mg potencies for various therapeutic purposes. There are three flavors to choose from which are; Natural hemp, mint, and citrus. The price ranges between $54 and $135 depending on potency.

At the moment, the company has four products in the market which are; CBD capsules, oil tinctures, a pain relieving CBD cream, and THC free gummy edibles.

3. Super Good Vibes Pure Hemp Extract 1000mg by SabaiDee

SabaiDee gives comprehensive information about this product. So committed are they to give you great products that they test them in-house before testing them once more in a third party’s independent laboratory.

The company strives to ship out orders within 2 to 4 business days and you can enjoy free shipping if you live in the US. their customer service is responsive and excellent, and they collaborate with well trained and experienced staffs to handle your inquiries as well as solve any problems you may have.

What Does SabaiDee Use?

SabaiDee utilizes organic hemp which contains more than 80 naturally occurring vitamins, cannabinoids, terpenes, trace minerals, omega fatty acids, and other components that are designed to boost your health. The company uses a proprietary abstraction and purification process in their oil production process.

The most interesting part is that, for each bottle the company sells, it plants a tree in Northern America. This product comes in cool mint and the price is $119.95 for the super good vibes brand and $48.95 for the good vibes brand. You can purchase either the 1,000 mg or the 250 mg depending on your desired effect.


This product contains; organic peppermint oil, MCT oil obtained from coconut, stevia, and phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil.

4. Green Roads CBD Oil

The Green Roads CBD Oil company has an impressive web presence and also operates a successful blog. We recommend that you read their blog especially if you’re searching for the latest in CBD reviews and trends. The company also strives to offer a variety of products such as; edibles, CBD terpenes, potent CBD concentrates which you can dab, and pre-dosed pens referred to as daily doses.

The company offers a wide range of products which you can take in various ways. Further, they have carved a reputation for themselves as one of the most ideal and popular CBD oil brands in the market. All their products have been tested by third-party laboratories. Prices can range between $26.99 and $206.99

5. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a new CBD brand in the market which imports superior grade organic and certified European Hemp for the production of their products. They use an uncontaminated CO2 extraction process to manufacture some of the best CBD products in the market today.

The company has a wide range of products which include; E-liquid, CBD capsules, CBD oil, and CBD gummies. Hemp Bombs CBD oil is available in varying potencies which are; 4000, 2000, 1000, 600, and 300 mg. This CBD oil is potent enough to help relieve chronic pain. Each Hemp Bombs CBD oil goes through a stringent evaluation and production protocol to ensure that the extracted cannabinoid is of excellent quality.

6. NuLeaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals is a company that only produces natural products that are free from any additives or even preservatives. They say that their products are specially designed to retain all the terpenes, synergistic cannabinoids, and essential oils which are not available in products from other companies.

All their products are taken through a rigorous laboratory testing process. Their customer service is responsive and excellent and they offer a fast and free shipping option. You can expect your product to be released within 2 to 3 days. Nuleaf Naturals are a USDA certified organic company which provides alternative in between doses which isn’t the case with other companies.

Why Choose Nuleaf Naturals?

Nuleaf Naturals offers a wide range of strengths such as; 4850, 2425, 1450, 725, and 240 mg. They also have a 240 mg option for pets. Prices range from $38.50 to $439 depending on the product potency. Currently, the company only has unflavored products. Nuleaf Naturals uses various ingredients which include; full spectrum hemp extract and USDA certified organic hemp oil.

7. Spruce Lab Grade 2400 mg CBD Oil

Every batch of Spruce Lab CBD products is tested by US-based laboratories as well as a third-party laboratory to guarantee quality and is free from pesticides, bacteria, and various other contaminants. When you buy products from this company, you’ll enjoy free shipping and excellent customer service. If you’re looking for good quality products, then this is the ultimate brand which is ideal for everyday use.

Their products are available in various potencies which are the 2400 mg and the 750 mg which you can comfortably use to manage anxiety and pain. The available flavors are peppermint and natural, and prices range from $89 to $269. The ingredients used are; full spectrum CBD oil, coconut oil, and natural flavors.

8. CBD Essence

CBD Essence is a substituent of NutraHemp company. The company’s products are obtained from agriculturally grown, and industrial grade hemp which is legal throughout America. The hemp is grown in the European Union or the US where excellent standards are maintained. CBD Essence strives to accomplish high in availability rates and maximum potency of their products with minimal THC.

The company achieves consistency by producing small batches, with the company saying their products are laboratory tested. CBD Essence has a wide range of products which include; CBD oil, E-liquids, edibles, capsules, and topicals. They also have products for your pets.

9. CBD Pure

CBD Pure is one of the CBD oil companies that;’s committed to ensuring that their products satisfy the needs of their consumers. One of the focal points of CBD Pure products is; they are a certified 100% USA operation brand and this means they are of excellent quality. They are tested in SC laboratories for quality and effectiveness.

SC laboratories are among the best and most popular third-party cannabis testers in the US. CBD Pure products just as the name suggests are 100% organic and each of the company’s oil tincture is obtained from an industrial and organic hemp farm located in the remote area of Colorado. The hemp is analyzed to test for; heavy metals and fertilizer.


CBD Pure products are reasonably priced compared to other products of similar potency. The company’s range of therapeutic CBD tinctures are affordable, and their products come with a guarantee. This gives consumers a 90-day money back guarantee if they don’t get satisfaction from the products.

The Extraction Process

CBD Pure uses an extensive C02 extraction procedure in their whole and raw hemp plant to get a full spectrum CBD product that comprises of healthy hemp compounds such as omega 3 and 6 acids, terpenes, and flavonoids. One of the most interesting facts about CBD Pure is that they go far and beyond to have their products tested for quality and to verify the consistency of their products.

10. CBD Essence CBD Oils

The CBD Essence CBD oil is extracted through the CO2 extraction method to obtain terpenes, plant resins, a full spectrum of cannabinoids, and essential oils. The extract is meant to be sublingually administered. This oil comes in a natural flavor which may not appeal to every consumer. The oils are gluten and preservative free and come in different potencies which are; 600, 300, and 150 mg.

11. Joy Organics 1000mg Tranquil Mint Tincture

Joy Organics only offers pharmaceutical-grade CBD. They adhere to stringent guidelines and engage a third party laboratory to test their products. The company is committed to transparency in its operations to guarantee quality and effectiveness. Joy Organics strives to get all their products to be certified as organic and offering its customers comprehensive information regarding their growing and production procedures.

In order to guarantee consistency, Joy Organics uses the same hemp strain on all of their products. Each product is tested to rule out the presence of THC, pesticides, or metals, and is produced in a GMP certified facility which adheres to FDA guidelines.

Available Flavors and Price

There are various flavors to choose from such as; lemon and orange, tranquil mint, and unflavored. You can choose from the available product ranges which are; 1500, 1000, 500, and 250 mg. The company uses various ingredients including; Hemp Seed Oil, organically grown full spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, grape seed oil, and stevia. The flavoring ingredient varies accordingly.

12. Koi CBD

Koi CBD was established in 2015 and strives to create unique and high-quality CBD products. The company uses 99% pure cannabidiol extracted through a pharmaceutical grade procedure in a cGMP facility, a process which the company says produces one of the finest and most consistent hep extracts in the market today.

Koi CBD has a wide range of products such as; vape juice, tropical gummies, and CBD oil. The products come in a vast range of potencies which are; 1000, 100, and 50 gms. Further, the Koi CBD oil is available in various flavors. You may want to experiment with various flavors before you finally find your favorite one.

13. Elixinol CBD Oil

Elixinol produces some of the best CBD products in the market today. The company strives to exercise caution during the production process to guarantee excellent quality. One of the company’s most popular products is the liposomal CBD tincture which they bottle in Miron glass. One thing you should know is that liposomal delivery systems are quite effective when it comes to boosting CBD’s bioavailability.

What this means is that you’ll require minimal CBD to get the same results. Miron glass, on the other hand, is specially designed to permit a specific amount of light through which destroys toxic microorganisms without compromising the quality of the product.

Price and Products

Don’t be fooled by the Miron glass packaging to think that the Elixinol CBD tincture oil is costly. The most exciting thing is that Elixinol products are reasonably priced with prices ranging between $8 and $599 depending on their potency. Elixinol offers a wide range of products which are; capsules, topicals, X-pen concentrate, and CBD treats for dogs.

What sets Elixinol apart from their competitors is the fact that their website has an education section which is quite informative. You’ll learn everything you need to know about their products on their website. If you’re looking for consistent, reliable, and potent products, then Elixinol products is the way to go.

14. Comfort Leaf 1500mg Peppermint CBD Tincture Oil

Comfort Leaf specializes in the production of 100% THC free products which are obtained from organic hemp grown in the United States of America. The company has published a comprehensive laboratory report on its website. According to the report, third-party laboratory tests each of their product batches to guarantee quality and ensure that they’re free from pesticides, contaminants, and artificial flavors.

What’s more, the company gives you a 30-day money back guarantee. The available flavors are; peppermint, unflavored, and lavender with prices ranging from $179.99, $59.99, and $139 depending on their strength which varies from 1500, 1000, and 500 mg.

Product ingredients

All Comfort Leaf products are produced using more than 99% MCT oil and natural CBD isolate. The lavender and peppermint flavors comprise varying amounts of the said essential oils. However, the amount is undisclosed.

Why Choose Comfort Leaf Products?

With this company, what you see on their online platforms is what you will get. Their products are not only transparent but the company strives to make the products accessible to every individual. Comfort Leaf products are THC free and the company offers a wide range of products including; topicals, vape cartridges, and gummies.

What’s the Process of Consuming CBD Oils?

You can consume CBD oils using the following methods.


When it comes to the inhalation method, you can take CBD oil either by vaping or smoking. Experts opine that inhalation is one of the most effective methods especially because the oil penetrates directly to your bloodstream and lungs. Let’s discuss each of the aforementioned inhalation methods.


You’ll need an oil rig to smoke your CBD oil. This tool resembles a water pipe and its operation involves heating the section where you position the CBD oil concentrate. The next step involves inserting the oil inside the nail using a dabber, a tiny metal tool which transfers the CBD oil from the container to the oil rig, to generate the smoke that you inhale.

You can choose to roll a joint from high CBD marijuana and proceed to smoke it. The problem with this method is that you’ll be consuming THC traces and these can have a psychoactive effect.

What are the Pros of Smoking CBD Oil?

You’ll get the Highest CBD oil concentration. It’s also a faster consumption method.

You can manage your consumption amount with ease.

What are the Cons?
  • Smoking can have adverse effects on your lungs and throat
  • You’ll need extra tools such as a joint paper, dabber, and an oil rig.
  • You may get a higher concentration that you intend.


To vape CBD oil, you’ll need a vaporizer pen. Assuming that you are a novice vapor, then you’ll need to purchase a vape starter kit which is available in various online platforms. Vaping is an ideal alternative to smoking which you can opt for if you’re searching for a maximum effect without the negative impacts of smoke to your lungs and throat.

What are the Pros Of Vaping?
  • It gives you a high concentration which facilitates maximum effects
  • It doesn’t have a crude smoke which can affect your lungs and throat
  • It allows you to regulate your dosage amounts with ease.
What About the Cons?
  • You may end up consuming a higher concentration without noticing it
  • You’ll need to purchase some tools to facilitate the process.


The topical method involves applying CBD oil on your skin in the form of an ointment or a balm. This method is by far the easiest and most convenient seeing that you don’t need prior knowledge or even additional tools to use it. All you need is to establish your preferred dosage and apply the same on your sore areas such as your back, neck, feet, and even your temples to relieve migraines. This method is ideal for migraines, sore muscles, and various skin conditions such as acne.

What are the Pros of the Topical Method?
  • You don’t need extra tools
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s ideal for chronic pain and sore muscles
  • It’s the mildest out of all the consumption methods
What about the Cons?
  • The fact that it has mild effects makes you want to consume more CBD which can have adverse effects on your health.
  • You’ll experience fast albeit short-lived effects


This method involves using small bottles also known as CBD oil tinctures that resemble eye drops to administer the CBD oil beneath your tongue. All you need is to apply some drops beneath your tongue and holding the same in your mouth for approximately 30 seconds before swallowing. This method is not only effective, but it’s also discreet and leaves you feeling calm.

What are the Pros of the Sublingual Method?
  • It’s easy to use and you don’t need complex accessories or even tools.
  • It’s discreet meaning that you can use your CBD oil in public with minimal struggle
  • It’s potent and gives you prolonged effects
  • With this method, you can easily control the amount of CBD oil you use
What about the Cons?
  • The result isn’t consistent which means that different people will experience varying effects
  • Some CBD oil tinctures may contain alcohol. If you’re a teetotaller, you may want to look for oils containing vegetable glycerine
  • Oil is absorbed in the body slower compared to other application methods


There are various edible products that contain CBD oil. You can also add it to your food without worrying about psychoactive effects which is the case with THC edibles which happen to be too potent. Apart from buying pre-manufactured foods containing CBD oil, you may opt to make CBD edibles from home.

These include; CBD infused pasta or butter. Whatever you do, you should know the amount of oil you add in your foods. One thing you’ll need to beware of is that effects from CBD edibles may take up to 4 hours to manifest which can make you consume more. To avoid over-consumption wait for a few hours to monitor any changes in how you feel before consuming more.

What are the Pros of the Ingestion Method?
  • It gives you the most prolonged effects compared to other consumption methods
  • It provides you with diverse options on how to make and consume the edibles
  • It’s discreet
What about the Cons?
  • Effects may take up to 4 hours to manifest
  • Getting the ideal dose can be a challenge and often you may need to conduct a few experiments

How to know the Ideal CBD Oil

Before you consume CBD oil, you should beware that there are various factors that determine the quality of CBD oil as seen below. We have put these factors into consideration in our CBD oil reviews.


Potency, in this case, is the strength of the product. If you’re a novice CBD oil consumer, you want to begin with a low dosage and increase as you go along. Some of the CBD oil extracts included in this review have as low as 240 mg cannabidiol per bottle and others contain as high as 4850 mg. This, however, shouldn’t mean that the stronger products are better but it’s good that there is a wide range of products in the market today to address all needs. It’s also important to remember that even though a low dose can help you control your consumption amount, the higher concentration is often more cost-effective, and contain more effective cannabinoids.

Unflavored and Flavored CBD

Any medicine that you can’t consume is considered ineffective medicine. Taste is vital and consumers appreciate brands that give them a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Unflavored hemp, for instance, has a potent earthy and grassy taste that some consumers love. Other consumers would rather opt for something with a better taste.

Now that there are numerous flavors to choose from, knowing the ideal type for you can be an arduous task. The best thing you can do in this case is, to begin with, a simple flavor such as lemon or mint before finally getting adventurous along the way.

What if You Don’t Like the Available Flavors?

Some companies that have been in the market for long have mastered the art of providing their consumers with a diverse product range. From here, you can purchase water soluble unflavored oil and this allows you to mix your CBD oil with various liquids such as smoothies and juice.

The Clarity of Ingredients

Remember, CBD oil is created differently and we even have products in the market that are produced with little consideration of the overall safety of consumers. Such products may contain toxic pesticides and chemicals. Some CBD products have been found to contain ingredients that are contrary to what’s written on the label.

For instance, they may contain more or less cannabidiol. In other cases, the THC content may be quite high exceeding the federal legal laid down structures for hemp extracts. The products we’ve included below have been tested to rule out the presence of toxic chemicals and to ensure that the correct dosage is included in the bottle.


Does the product cost matter? Of course, it does. When it comes to CBD oil, you’ll get what you pay for just as is the case with many other products. Some of the products we’ve included in this CBD oil review are small and reasonably priced without compromising the quality.

Other products come with a higher potency formula. Therefore, even when the liquid inside the bottle is the same, the cannabinoids included may vary. CBD oil prices vary from $30 to more than $400.

Customer Service and Shipping Procedure

Have you ever ordered for a product online only to wait for what seemed like forever for your delivery? If you have, then you understand how important speed is when it comes to shipping products from the supplier to the consumer. If you’re searching for an immediate solution for chronic pain, it goes without saying that you’ll do anything to get your product as soon as possible.

Different companies have a different shipping procedure and it’s important to consider the same before placing your order. The companies we’ve included in the following CBD oil review have a proven track record and excellent customer service. You can, therefore, be sure that your order will arrive according to the stipulated time.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Take?

One thing that’s hard to calculate is the CBD oil dosage for novice users. It’s worth noting that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is yet to lay define formal nutritional guidelines for CBD product. What this means is that there’s no recommended RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) for CBD.

Many companies, however, offer serving recommendations on their products. Always note that those haven’t been created out of standard or research guidelines but the manufacturers themselves. Answering the above question, therefore, can be an arduous task. You may want to consider various factors such as; the reason you’re taking the CBD oil, the potency of your preferred product, and your weight.


If you are looking for the ideal CBD oil, you can choose from the above list of tested products which are not only effective, but they’re also of excellent quality.