What’s the difference between CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD? That’s similar to asking whether a 4×4 pickup truck is better than a family saloon car. Why? Because each vehicle serves different purposes even though they fall under the same umbrella of cannabidiol.

Today, we’ll demystify these different types of CBD so you can understand and end up making informed decisions when visiting your preferred cannabis dispensary.

CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum

What is CBD isolate?

Let’s assume you fall sick and go to the hospital. The doctor orders you to eat two oranges every day but that’s kinda hard because you don’t like how they taste. After listening, your doctor offers you a 100% organic product that contains all the vitamins in an orange. That’s good news because you won’t endure the acidity that usually causes heartburns and affects sensitive teeth.

CBD isolate is just like alternative medicine to eating two oranges a day. This type of cannabidiol lacks the usual cannabinoids such as THC present in marijuana plants. Learn the difference between THC and CBD here. It’s usually a white fine powder made for fast absorption when placed under the tongue.

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 How CBD isolate is made

Truth is, you can’t make CBD isolate at home using your coffee machine. It requires specialized equipment similar to those used in chromatography. In a nutshell, medical experts filter out CBD from other cannabinoids at a molecular level. That’s why legit products can have concentrations of up to 99%.

So, what happens behind the scenes? First, large volumes of hemp plants get immersed in an airtight tank filled with liquid CO2. This organic solvent lacks toxic elements that are present in alternative solvents such as Isopropyl alcohol.

Next, the extract is put in another chamber connected to a gas valve. Producers use gas to apply high pressure inside as the extract flows to another chamber containing fine sand particles. The continuous pressure forces CBD molecules in form of white crystals through the sand since they’re lighter than THC and other cannabinoids.

 Why take CBD isolate?

Since legalization, sections of parents have used CBD products to help their kids manage autism and epilepsy. Isolate is the preferred variety because most parents don’t want the psychoactive ingredients in their kid’s medication. Even some adults prefer this form of cannabidiol because it doesn’t mess your future as far as drug tests are concerned.

Full spectrum CBD oil contains a strong herbal taste. It might take a while to get accustomed to especially if you’re medication for quick pain relief. CBD isolate lacks unpleasant tastes, making it suitable for kids because they won’t mind how it tastes.

Can CBD Isolate be vaped?

Yes, you can. If you own a wax pen, you can enjoy medical and recreational benefits in each puff by smearing the CBD isolate powder on your dabs. This way, you avoid getting too high or drowsy.

Vaping CBD isolate is recommended when managing painful medical conditions such as arthritis. The fast delivery of cannabidiol to your lungs enables rapid absorption. CBD neutralizes pain by slowing down activity in your pain receptors dramatically.

Can CBD Isolate be eaten?

One of the common ways of ingesting CBD isolate is adding it to cannabidiol tinctures. Doing this enhances the potency of each drop you take. You won’t notice any changes in the taste or smell. However, it’s hard to determine the rise in concentrations in your medication.

You can also sprinkle it on your veggie salads and still get medicated. This way, you enable maximum absorption of CBD in your large and small intestines when treating stomach-related illnesses.

Can CBD Isolate be smoked?

The good news is that exposing cannabidiol to flames doesn’t release toxic compounds. So, it’s safe to say you can smoke it in a variety of ways. For instance, sprinkling it on your ground weed before rolling up a joint or blunt. Another way of smoking it is by mixing your CBD crystals with kief.

Do you love dabbing? You can smoke CBD isolate waxes because it’s the fastest ways to get medicated. If you smoke marijuana recreationally, you can order CBD isolate slabs infused with OG Kush, Bluegum, or Sour Diesel terpenes. If you’re exploring CBD dabs for the first time, start with small amounts to avoid drowsiness.

Can CBD Isolate go bad?

Doctors believe that CBD starts degrading after 12 months. However, poor storage habits can burn holes in your pockets. For instance, storing your waxes or tinctures in direct sunlight. Why is this wrong? Because the prolonged exposure to heat increases the rate of degradation,

Did you know your CBD isolate won’t lose potency when stored in your fridge? It helps you to preserve CBD as well as preventing any exposure to sunlight. Another way of preserving your CBD isolate is sealing the bottle or glass bowl immediately after use.

Is CBD Isolate water soluble?

Cannabinoids are soluble in organic solvents such as alcohol and cooking oil. You can’t stir it up in a glass of water or add it to your soda because it won’t dissolve.

Will CBD Isolate fail a drug test?

Earlier on, we saw that manufacturers extract CBD from other cannabinoids at a molecular level. When you purchase a 99.8% CBD powder or wax, the remaining 1% constitutes traces of starch, terpenes, and water. But why do some people fail drug tests after consuming CBD products?

The CBD market is thriving and isn’t slowing down. Some producers take advantage of the market boom by using marijuana instead of hemp plants for cannabidiol extraction. Since most of these bottom-tier CBD producers lack the right equipment for extraction, their isolate tinctures and vape oils have high amounts of THC.

Will CBD Isolate dissolve in vegetable glycerin?

CBD isolate powder or wax cannot dissolve in vegetable glycerin. Despite this chemical being widely recommended for making homemade CBD vape juice, it’s main role is absorbing compounds that can make your throat sore while puffing.

Making CBD vape juice at home is risky because it’s hard to determine the right dosage due to lack of various lab equipment.

Now You Know

In the first half, we’ve thoroughly covered what CBD isolate is and why some people prefer it. But, for us to do a fair comparison, we need to understand what full spectrum CBD is and its properties.

What is CBD Full Spectrum?

CBD producers mainly use hemp plants because they contain 0.3% THC. Since hemp still belongs to the cannabis variety, it contains several cannabinoids that are beneficial in treating cancer, epilepsy, and pain relief. When administered to the body, these cannabinoids bring about the entourage effect.

If you’ve never heard about it, it’s whereby the cannabinoids present in a full spectrum CBD product work in harmony to enhance medicinal potency. For instance, cancer patients take full spectrum oil after a dose of chemotherapy. How does it work? The THC calms down nausea while cannabidiol relieves pain.

What is “whole plant extract”?

Now that medical marijuana is legal across America, marijuana producers are always coming up with improved methods of extraction. The most popular right now is whole plant extraction. It’s so popular that every brand is turning to it as a buzzword. So, what is it?

When the hemp plants are ready for harvest, the producer uproots and preserves them in cold storage. Then, the next step is using liquid CO2 for extraction. Whole plant extraction enables one to obtain all the terpenes and cannabinoids present in a living hemp plant. Why is this possible? Because you use the entire plant as opposed to the flowers and leaves for CBD extraction.

Does CBD full spectrum get you high?

This is one of the commonly asked questions when people are about to use full spectrum CBD for the first time. Truth is, you won’t get intoxicated or worry about your drug tests when consuming legit full spectrum oils and edibles. The THC content is just a trace quantity that’s too low to bring about any psychoactive effects.

Is full spectrum legal?

While medical marijuana is public in over 30 states, the legal standing of CBD varies from state to state. For instance, California and Colorado allow you to purchase and consume full spectrum products derived from marijuana plants. However, Texas and Washington allow hemp-derived CBD only.

When traveling to a different state, it’s always advisable to check the maximum quantity you can have on your person.

Full spectrum CBD oil benefits

Efficient in treating Psoriasis

This skin condition causes embarrassment due to the constant itching one endures on affected areas. Plus, the sores are painful and this can affect your social life. It’s hard to go swimming with friends when one’s back is covered with red sores.

The good news is that you can help your skin heal by rubbing full spectrum CBD oil. It contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds that prevent abnormal cell activity. Full spectrum oil also boosts your skin’s immunity thanks to the combination of CBD and THC.

Slowing down the spread of cancerous cells

Did you know that regular CBD use can lower your vulnerability to bladder cancer by 45%? Full spectrum oil contains a cannabinoid called CBG-A. It enables CBD and THC to tremendously slow down the growth and spread of cells affected by cancer.

Studies also show how CBD is effective in combating pancreatic cancer. Not only does it inhibit inflammation, but it also prolongs the lives of patients fighting this cancer. That means a lot to patients who still need time to spend with their loved ones.

Relief for muscle spasms

Multiple Sclerosis causes muscle spasms that can get so painful that it becomes hard to show up at work or even attend classes.  In such situations, one has to spend money on analgesics and other pharmaceutical prescriptions. Some people get relief but they also endure side effects such as headaches, drowsiness, and stomach problems.

Full spectrum CBD works effectively because it contains CBN and THC. These cannabinoids work actively to reduce inflammation in order to neutralize pain. CBD also slows down abnormal activity in your spinal cord and this works to minimize muscle spasms.

Healing fractures and managing Osteoporosis

Did you know that your skeleton has an endocannabinoid system? That means any full spectrum tincture or CBD oil capsule you take also benefits your bones. Doctors have for the past decade, studied the relationship between cannabinoid receptors in the bones and cannabis use and discovered some interesting observations.

Full spectrum can actually speed up healing of fractures thanks to cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, and THC-V. How do they work? By enhancing the rate of metabolism in your bone cells. This process also benefits patients dealing with Osteoporosis because it improves bone mass.

When you think about it, full spectrum works better than Calcium supplements because it improves your skeleton’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Antifungal benefits

CBD oil benefits your skin in a couple of ways. Teenagers can use it to outwit acne because cannabidiol minimizes skin inflammation. You can also rely on full spectrum oil to cure common fungal infections. How does it work?

Full spectrum oil contains two antifungal cannabinoids, which are CBC-A and CBG. When you rub them on affected areas, these cannabinoids destroy fungal cells. They make fungal cells collapse by weakening their membranes.

Subduing Insomnia

Have you ever found yourself in the following situation? You have an important exam or job interview the following morning. But, you’re so nervous about it that you just keep tossing and turning in bed at night. Losing sleep only makes things worse because you get drowsy.

Full spectrum CBD oil contains a cannabinoid called CBN, which enables the brain to shut down at night. The entourage effect is present because cannabidiol slows down irregular brain activity while CBN induces sleep.

Reducing inflammation in the heart muscles

Myocarditis is a condition that affects blood supply to the body. It’s caused by inflammation in the myocardium. While this condition is life-threatening, you can combat it effectively using CBD treatment. A 2016 study shows how CBD benefits our cardiovascular system.

CBD works best when combined with CBDA, CBC, and CBG. That’s why full spectrum oil is recommended for stopping the spread of inflammation.

Boosting your appetite

If you’re a bodybuilder, then you understand the importance of proteins to your muscles. One of the common reasons why the desired physique takes time to develop is insufficient proteins. The best way of getting this nutrient to your body is by eating frequently.

Truth is, our metabolisms differ from one person to the next. If you have a hard time eating three balanced meals a day, a little full spectrum CBD oil will boost your appetite.

Regulating blood pressure

High blood pressure can affect your productivity at work due to its intense symptoms. For instance, blurry vision, persistent headaches, and bad short term memory. It could also lead to hypertension and that’s expensive to treat.

A 2016 medical research proved that ingesting moderate amounts of full spectrum CBD actually controls abnormal blood pressure. It works directly on the heart muscles and also soothes your mind. That’s awesome because a calm mind allows you to enjoy 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Is CBD isolate better than full spectrum?

Pros of CBD isolate


As we saw earlier, CBD isolate is made by extracting cannabidiol molecules. So, you’re assured that terpenes and other flavors responsible for a harsh taste are absent in your crystals. This makes CBD isolate easy for kids to swallow any time of the day.

2. Versatility of use

You’re not limited to oral administration. It’s possible to dab it and still sprinkle some in your tinctures to enhance potency. Some people still enjoy the medical benefits by sprinkling CBD isolate crystals on sandwiches.

Pros of full spectrum CBD

1. Treats a variety of illnesses

Full spectrum has plenty of beneficial cannabinoids. Some of them lower your risk of developing heart disease while others improve your bones. CBD itself is powerful but in order to reap the full benefits, it needs cannabinoids for the entourage effect.

2. Variety of edibles

Children are likely to give you a hard time taking full spectrum CBD oil because it has a strong herbal taste. Fortunately, you can overcome these challenges by purchasing several edibles. The most popular being CBD gummies because you can pop one anytime.


It’s such a wonderful thing to live in this new era of widespread legalization of medical marijuana. It gives you more freedom to explore alternative medicine without putting your health at risk. Why? Because the government has done a good job in ensuring cultivators get their products lab tested.

Always consult your doctor before consuming any CBD isolate or full spectrum product. Sometimes the entourage effects can be overpowering when dealing with high doses of full spectrum. Also, if you’ve never dabbed, don’t be quick to throw CBD isolate crystals in a dabbing rig.

We’re glad you now understand the difference between these CBD products and how you can use them in your life. Do you have any questions about CBD products? Feel free to send us an email today.