You may already know that various states have already legalized marijuana. With more states joining the bandwagon, and the popularity of cannabidiol surges, you probably are curious to figure out why the product has been creating waves across the globe. Join us in this article as we discuss the CBD oil benefits. First, however, let’s answer the question below.

What are the CBD Oil Effects and Safety Concerns?

CBD Oil Benefits

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Some of the Cons Shown by Studies Include:

  • Anxiety
  • Change of mood and appetite
  • Drowsiness
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth and
  • Vomiting

Additional research shows that using CBD oil can stimulate excessive production of liver enzymes which can be an indication of liver inflammation or damage.

What do the Experts Say?

Experts opinion is that CBD oil can interact with various medications and is safe.

According to research released from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics,) which was published in the Pediatrics journal, nursing mothers and pregnant women should abstain from marijuana. This is because it can negatively affect the baby. Follow up studies showed that short term use of CBD made the placental barrier porous which endangers the life of a fetus.

Do This First Before Taking CBD Oil:

If you’re want to try CBD oil, it’s advisable to discuss any adverse reactions and potential side effects with your doctor. You may want to know about this study that suggested that when given CBD, children who suffer from refractory epilepsy reported various side effects such as insomnia, seizures, irritability, and digestive problems.

One thing you need to remember is that; CBD oil could contain THC traces and cannabis can limit your ability to operate equipment appropriately or drive safely. Discover the difference between CBD and THC here. Further, it can have both long term and short term effects on your memory, mood, attention, mental health, and heart rate. You can avoid consuming CBD by starting with low doses and monitoring how you feel over time

CBD Oil Uses

Advocates of CBD oil opine that it can heal a vast range of health complications from mild to chronic illnesses such as; acne, chronic pain, epilepsy, depression, anxiety, and muscle spasms. Experts also say that CBD oil can promote a good night’s sleep while cutting down pain and inflammation, boosting heart health, and even safeguarding you from various types of cancer.

Understanding the CBD Oil Benefits

Here, we shall discuss the benefits of CBD oil comprehensively.

CBD Oil Relieves Inflammation and Pain

Chronic pain emanates from various sources and varies from one person to the other. If you’ve encountered someone who experiences pain on a day to day basis face challenged which the ordinary person may not understand. Perhaps you don’t know this but identifying pain sources and figuring out effective treatment methods can be an arduous task.

This explains why some people suffer in silence or are forced to either avoid or modify some activities. If you’re suffering, you may want to know that recent estimates indicate that approximately 11% of people across the globe experience chronic pain, which is often caused or aggravated by inflammation. What you should know is; inflammation triggers biochemical reactions which worsen the pain.

How CBD Helps

If you suffer from chronic inflammation or chronic pain, CBD oil can minimize the symptoms and offer relief. The best thing about using CBD oil is that you’ll not experience the negative effects of over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers such as opioids, narcotics, and other conventional medication.

Side Effects of Conventional Pain Medication

Conventional pain medication may cause various complications such as cardiovascular damage, liver complications, addiction, and withdrawal symptoms.

Why Cannabis?

Cannabis has been used for many years to reduce pain. Studies published in the Experimental Medicine Journal suggest that CBD is effective when it comes to reducing inflammation and pain. Of course, some people suffering from chronic pain will opt for conventional marijuana which in this case isn’t necessary.

CBD targets glycine receptors located in the brain and spinal cord and regulates their reaction to pain in a bid to reduce it. This interaction cuts down the sensation to pain in a manner similar to conventional pain management drugs function, without displaying the conventional side effects.

CBD Oil can Help You Quit Smoking

Do you know how many smokers there are in the world? Studies conducted by the CDC established that approximately 34.3 million adults are active smokers in the US. You may want to know that this represents 10% of the population. Smoking is a harmful practice so much so that cigarette packets come with a warning, and it affects even those who don’t smoke. If you didn’t know, smoking is said to be the number one cause of death in the US and this accounts for 1 in every 5 adult deaths annually.

Cigarettes Contain Toxic Ingredients

It seems like a big percentage of smokers is starting to realize just how deadly smoking is if the number of people who have already expressed willingness to quit anything to go by. Cigarettes contain nicotine and other harmful ingredients which can make cigarettes quite addictive. You probably know someone who has done everything within their means to quit smoking. Whether it’s by counseling or even using medication.


Some people are even trying e-cigarettes. Perhaps you’re wondering e-cigarettes? A section of people says that e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking. Still, you need to understand that they’re not as healthy as they are claimed to be. You may want to know that there’s a natural and more effective option compared to the options mentioned above.


If you’ve been struggling to quit smoking, you’ll be glad to know that; studies conducted by University College London and which the Addiction journal published indicated that; smokers who expressed their interest to quit smoking and were treated with a CBD dose of 800mg reported a 40% more success in the first week of trying compared to those who were treated using placebo.

You’ll be surprised to know that even when a small CBD oil dose was used, the victims said they were able to carry on with their day to day activities without getting the urge to smoke compared to those who weren’t put on cannabidiol.

Why this Effectiveness?

Researchers are yet to establish the reason why and studies are still undergoing. However, there’s a possibility that nicotine addiction is connected to the endocannabinoid system and CBD interacts with and regulates it. Once the system is balanced, conventional addiction signs become less acute and this, of course, increases the success rates with minimal discomfort. If you’re a smoker or know a smoker who’s been trying to quit smoking in vain, then knowing that CBD can help comes as exciting news.

It Helps Treat Epilepsy

If you thought Epilepsy is extinct, you may want to think again. Studies seeking to establish how CBD can help treat epilepsy are ongoing. But why did researchers resolve to research the impact of CBD oil on epilepsy?

This is because preliminary findings indicate that it can be effective and for the first time, the Food and Drug Administration has certified Epidiolex, the inaugural CBD based drug which is already available to treat severe and isolated forms of epilepsy. In many of the states where medical marijuana is yet to be legalized, CBD oil is used to treat epilepsy as a last resort. Learn how full-spectrum and isolate CBD differ here.

CBD Reduces Seizures

Both marijuana and CBD have been used for ages to treat various illnesses, the role of CBD in minimizing the number of seizures and their severity in people living with severity, first became a point of discussion in the year 2000. Then, a family by the name Figi were searching for a way to cure their daughter’s seizures at a time when she experienced more than 300 seizures weekly.

They would’ve done anything to save their daughter and this is how they purchased cannabis plants regardless of the cost. Eventually, they extracted the oil by hand and used it on their daughter and reported that their daughter experienced fewer seizures.

Modern Studies

Medical options that consist of CBD have displayed positive results in different forms of epilepsy and this includes Dravet Syndrome. According to results published by the U.S National Library of Medicine, various small clinical trials have indicated that CBD can cut down seizures and their severity for people who suffer from various types of epilepsy regularly. And now to some exciting news: studies suggest that CBD contains neuroprotective properties which protect the brain in the event of a seizure.

CBD Can Reduce Anxiety and Improve Mental Health

Have you ever heard of anxiety disorders? If you haven’t, then they are among the most popular mental illnesses in the US. they affect 18.1% of adults across the region. Anxiety doesn’t display itself in one form or shape and some of the diagnosed conditions that are classified under anxiety are:

  • Panic disorder
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Phobias
  • Social anxiety disorder and
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder among others.

Usually, anxiety comes with other medical conditions which can complicate diagnosis. If you suffer from anxiety related complications, you understand just how debilitating it can be, affecting your daily activities and functioning to a point of rendering otherwise simple tasks impossible.

Treating Anxiety

One thing you should keep in mind is; finding an ideal treatment can be an arduous task. Many conventional treatment options will give you side effect which can be worse than the anxiety. These can range from excess weight loss or gain, depression, or even dependence. If you didn’t know, dependence is the desire to take increased doses in a bid to achieve a similar effect and counter withdrawal symptoms.

Approximately 37% of people suffering from anxiety receive the ideal treatment for their condition. CBD oil can be an appropriate natural option to help prevent the side effects of conventional mental health and anxiety conditions and providing tangible relief.

How it Works

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in your body and is said to impact with the CB1 receptors in the brain directly. Specific anxiety treatment options interact with C1 receptors as well to reduce the effects of anxiety and other related conditions. This enables patients to lead normal lives free from the restrictions that come with anxiety.

It Helps with Cancer

So prevalent has cancer become so much so that mentioning it is nearly becoming a taboo. The negative effects of cancer can be equally severe and one thing that we all anticipate for is the day a cure will be invented. Studies conducted by the National Cancer Institute suggest that more than 38% of people will at some point in their lives be diagnosed with one type of cancer.

We must agree that standard treatments have evolved over the years. These include radiation, surgery, medication, and chemotherapy. There could be specific natural options to either; offer a different set of benefits, or enhance the effectiveness of these drugs and one of them is CBD oil.

CBD Oil Doesn’t Cure Cancer

Don’t be mistaken to think that CBD oil can treat cancer. Often, CBD is used to boost appetite, reduce pain, and reduce nausea that cancer patients experience while undergoing medication. Recent studies show that CBD could enable both pro-apoptotic and antiproliferative effects such as;

  • Minimize the potential of cancer cells to either attach or adhere to different structures
  • Cut down the growth of cancer cells
  • Deflate tumors
  • Block cancer cells from migrating to various body organs

These possible health benefits together with the proven CBD interactions with the endocannabinoid system of the body to facilitate balance across different body systems. CBD can be a vital part of conventional cancer treatment options in the near future.

CBD Oil can Help with Diabetes Type 1

Type 1 diabetes is an inborn condition and people suffering from the disease have little control over it. Studies suggest that 1.25 million children and adults in the US are presently living with diabetes type 1. The disease is categorized as an autoimmune disorder where the immune system damages cells in the pancreas which causes the inability to generate insulin appropriately, resulting in an inability to regulate blood sugar. If poorly managed, this disease can have adverse effects such as skin infections, gout, brain damage, or even cardiovascular-related complications.

Diabetes Type 1 Classification

You may want to know that this disease is categorized as an autoimmune system. Seeing that CBD is said to promote and regulate balance across different body systems, chances are, it can help regulate diabetes type 1. However, research is still ongoing, and many people still trust insulin and conventional treatment options. More researchers today are studying the interaction of CBD and the pancreas than ever before and preliminary results are already promising.

What About this study?

One study published in the Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation suggested that CBD alleviates the inflammation of diabetes type 1 causes in mice. It also indicated a minimal manifestation of the disorder in general, and this can have a positive impact on subsequent human studies. CBD is yet to be proven ideal to counter general development in humans. However, it’s been shown that CBD cuts down the amount of insulin diabetes patients need to attain target functionality and blood sugar levels.

CBD Eliminates acne and can be Used for Skin Care

Chances are, you’ve suffered acne at some point in your life. And even if you haven’t, you probably know someone who has suffered a type of skin condition. Acne makes you uncomfortable and apart from causing social challenges and stigma, it can also result in low self-esteem.

Some people will even go into depression if they don’t find a cure for acne. There are numerous acne treatment options available which range from prescription drugs to essential oils. Some people even opt for laser treatment. Currently, dermatologists are certain that CBD oil can be effective when it comes to treating acne and other related skin conditions.

Sentiments from a Dermatologist

Jeanette Jacknin is an independent board-certified dermatologist whose specialty is cannabinoids in treatment and skin care. In her recent study which was published in the Strategist indicates that; the manner in which CBD and the body’s endocannabinoid system interact leaves the skin looking youthful and radiant and slows down aging signs.

What’s more, CBD’s interactions and anti-inflammatory actions with the body helps reduce the effects of eczema, acne, and psoriasis. Other studies indicate that CBD can help reduce the production of the particular sebum which is responsible for acne and counters its visible effects.

CBD Can Counter Inflammation Across the Body

CBD has been proven to reduce inflammation across the body. If you didn’t know, many chronic disorders in the body are aggravated by inflammation, which many times triggers overproduction of hormones and chemicals which can result in visible effects. As you already know, conventional acne treatment options come with different side effects which range from irritation and dry skin. They can also cause severe complications such as high blood pressure and dizziness. Both researchers and patients are committed to establishing a natural remedy.

CBD can Relieve the Syptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

You may already know that Alzheimer’s disease is affiliated with various complications such as wandering about and eventually getting lost, memory loss, and fear. The bad news is that there’s no cure for the same. Of course, not many people have heard about this disease but you’ll be shocked by its popularity.

Studies conducted in the US indicate that this disease is one of the leading causes of death. The predominance of Alzheimer’s disease increases y 125% between 2010 and 2015 and researchers say these figures will increase in the near future. Did you know that more patients die from Alzheimer’s disease than prostate and breast cancer combined?

Lack of Options

Many times, family members have to take care of Alzheimer’s disease which can be costly. Research is still ongoing to try and find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. But we must commend researchers and technology because diagnosis procedures are today improving and chances are that CBD oil will come in handy for patients.

It’s important to note that Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disease that advances over time and often does so faster than other diseases. The disease targets a patient’s different neuroreceptors. Various treatment options designed to counter the effects of this disease are available. However, none of them can stop the disease’s physical strength.


In a study published in the Alzheimer’s disease journal, researchers wanted to establish the effectiveness of CBD’s demonstrated antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, and whether or not they could help counter Alzheimer’s symptoms. Even though the study was conducted on mice, the results were quite promising. The researchers found that CBD was capable of minimizing cognitive impairment u the rodents.

CBD Helps Manage Appetite and Nausea

Regardless of what a patient is suffering from, loss of appetite and nausea can be more severe than the disease. Your body needs proper nutrients to heal, function, growth, and even repair. When taking or even keeping these nutrients within the body system becomes difficult, patients will undergo extreme suffering. Both studies and personal experiences have indicated that cannabis can help improve appetite. Is CBD oil capable of helping with appetite and nausea?

The Science

Research seems promising even though it was conducted many years ago before the evolution of advanced anti-nausea drugs. Researchers evaluated CBD particularly due to its antiemetic properties. This research was abandoned after the introduction of new and modern treatments. The pharmaceutical industry, however, is interest in advocating for more profitable options as compared to the natural options.

In one way or the other, this will need to change if studies are anything to go by. For instance, a study based on numerous human trials and eventually posted in the  British Journal of Pharmacology indicated that cannabinoids such as CBD can be more effective compared to standard antiemetics in treating hard to treat appetite and vomiting problems in adults and children.

How CBD Works

CBD oil can work the same way on the receptors as conventional treatment options. The thing good thing about using CBD is that it doesn’t present the negative side effects associated with the former.

CBD Oil Counters Multiple Sclerosis

MS or Multiple Sclerosis is one of the most popularly diagnosed damaging neurological conditions that affect young adults across the globe. You’ll find that, unlike many neurological conditions common among the older people, MS affects people between 20 to 50 years initially.

Studies suggest that approximately 23 million people across the globe suffer from MS. In the US alone, approximately 200 new cases are reported every week. The lifespan of MS patients is said to be average but the prevalence of symptoms and continuous symptoms can vary from needles, pins, inability to walk or even function independently, and tingling in different body parts.

How Does MS Manifest?

MS targets a patient’s central nervous system and lesions affect the neurons, myelin, and spinal cord and brain fibers. Eventually, this affects and restricts different bodily functions.

How CBD Helps

Various studies carried out on CBD have shown its effectiveness in;

  • Cutting down pain experienced by MS patients
  • Cutting down adverse spasms popularly connected with MS and MS recurrence
  • Minimizing muscle stiffness which is triggered by MS
  • Minimizing bladder and bowel dysfunction affiliated with MS

One thing you need to beware of is; studies are still ongoing to fully understand the impact of CBD oil in MS. The good news is that CBD can offer relief to multiple sclerosis patients

CBD Oil Enhances Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular complications can cause adverse effects on patients. Studies suggest that cardiovascular problems and heart disease are a leading cause of death among women and men in the US. further, the studies indicate regional differences in type and prevalence. More than 630,000 people living in the US die from heart complications annually.

These numbers are shocking and this is why researchers have embarked in research and education in a bid to diagnose the symptoms early enough and promote heart health. These efforts have borne fruits because many US residents understand the risks that come with heart disease. This is why they strive to watch their nutrition and remain active to avoid complications.

Can CBD Help?

Cannabinoids such as CBD may be of help. The antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can come in handy to avert cardiovascular diseases for all people including high-risk patients. Research conducted by the National Institute of health indicates that CBD can work on isolated arteries directly to enhance relaxation and cut down poor cardiovascular responses to different models of stress that can result in damage over time.

What else Can CBD Oil do?

Further studies suggest that CBD oil can;

  • Help diabetes patients manage the disease
  • Minimize cardiac arrhythmias
  • Cut down the risk of death caused by heart attack for previous users and cardiovascular complications
  • Help control and sometimes heal conditions that trigger cardiovascular diseases such as stress, smoking, anxiety, and diabetes
  • Regulate hypertension
  • Cut down the risk of progressive heart attacks to patients
  • Prevent the death of cells in regard to diabetic cardiomyopathy
  • Minimize death rates in patients who experience heart failure


From the above analysis, it’s evident that CBD oil comes with numerous benefits. Still, you should know that research is still ongoing to establish its effectiveness in many of these conditions. Further, CBD oil is yet to be proven and you should consult your physician before choosing to use it.