Is your dog unusually anxious? Perhaps you have a dog that’s becoming lazy with every dawning day and you suspect it’s due to joint aches necessitated by old age. If you do, chances are you’ve heard about CBD and you’re probably considering it not just because if it’s increasing popularity, but also because many people swear by it’s effectiveness. Join us as we discuss CBD oil for dogs.

CBD Oil for Dogs: Is It Effective?

CBD Oil for DogsAs the old adage goes, dogs are man’s best friend and if you have a dog, you’ll only want to give it the best there’s to offer. If you’re like many lovers therefore, you’ll ask yourself how safe CBD oil is for your dog. Studies have shown that CBD could be safe for use on your dog with some dogs taking high CBD doses for prolonged periods for various reasons. However, many dog owners are worried that it could have a negative impact on the activity of liver enzymes in their dogs.

Cannabidiol, a substance that’s obtained from the hemp plant is today the talk of the town. Many people are discussing the emerging reports showing that CD is capable of treating anxiety, pain, cancer, and even inflammation in humans with pet owners reporting that they’ve already used it on their dogs.

According to the chief veterinary officer of American Kennel Club, many dog owners including himself are using CBD to groom their dogs. He went on to say that many people are purchasing CBD to treat various ailments in their dogs especially because it’s thought to be a powerful substance. The chief veterinary officer concluded by saying: when you love something you always reach for what can be of help.

Anecdotal Results

Many experts today are however worried by the fact that the results of CBD oil for pets aren’t scientific, yet it’s marketing and popularity was fast outpacing the regulation and research. As much as you love your dog, it can’t speak to you and it’s up to you to ensure you’re giving it the right substances. If you’re considering using CBD oil on your dog, there are various things you should consider and try to establish as seen below.

What’s the FDA’s Perspective about CBD Oil?

There are various considerations you need to make according to the Food and Drug Administration. Recently, the FDA certified one CBD based prescription medication for human use in treating epilepsy. With the organization’s spokesperson saying that the FDA had not placed restrictions on the extra-label use of Epidiolex in animals.

Veterinarians, however, were tasked with adhering to the principles discussed in the AMDUCA (Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act) as well as any federal and state regulations for the handling procedures of the drug. The spokesperson highlighted that the FDA was in the process of gathering information regarding both marijuana and products obtained from marijuana that is marketed for animals.

Unevaluated Products

The FDA, however, is also quick to mention that many of the CBD products in the market haven’t undergone their evaluation process to determine how safe and effective they are. They advise anybody wishing to use them on their pets to first have discussions with their veterinarian to evaluate the possible treatment options for their pets.

How to be Safe

To guarantee safety, pet owners should follow the same procedure they adhere to when consuming any treatment option for the first time. You may want to start by administering small doses of CBD. Further, always contact your veterinarian before trying something new on your pet.

Potential CBD Oil Side Effects to Look out for in Your Dog

Just like in humans, your dog may exhibit side effects and even reactions after taking CBD oil. Fortunately, many of these reactions tend to be moderate. They include:

Dry Mouth

When you introduce CBD oil in your dog, they’re likely to experience a dry mouth. This is because CBD can reduce the production of saliva both in pets and humans. However, this should be a cause for alarm. In many cases, your dog will only be overly thirsty. You may want to ensure that their water bowls are filled with sufficient clean drinking water after administering CBD.


If you’re treating your dog for anxiety, CBD oil will relax their minds and cause them to take long and deep naps. Don’t be alarmed by such a reaction. If you’re a little uncomfortable with the same you may want to reduce their dosage. This side effect is often common among dogs that receive high CBD oil dosages.

Low Blood Pressure

Reduced blood pressure is another side effect that’s common among humans and dogs after taking CBD oil. While this reaction is temporary, it may leave your dog feeling light headed.

Available CBD Product Types for Your Dog

If you’re out shopping for CBD oil for your dog, you’ll notice that there are numerous options you can choose from as seen below.

CBD Oil Extracts

CBD oil extracts are so far some of the most basic CBD oil available for your pet. Extracts are great seeing that creating the recommended dosage is easy and it’s fast acting compared to other forms available in the market. CBD oil extracts are quite potent which is why you should exercise caution while administering them on your dog.

They are obtained either from the cannabis or hemp plant. Should you choose to use CBD oil extracts, you’ll need to be cautious especially with the composition of the CBD oil extracts. Many of them utilize pure hemp CBD but a small percentage of them could contain THC traces. The latter isn’t popular considering the potential risks they could present on pets.


Tinctures are convenient and give you an easy way of administering the CBD oil on your pet. This type of CBD oil is often administered by putting the oil under your dog’s tongue, a method that’s referred to as sublingual administration. This method is ideal when it comes to the fast absorption of the product in the bloodstream. However, tinctures aren’t as potent as CBD oil extracts but you can still use them to eliminate mild symptoms. A tincture isn’t a pure CBD substance but a blend which consists of CBD compounds comprising of vegetable glycerine, alcohol, and or oil.


Capsules are popularly known among the dog world and many pet owners can easily identify with them. At least every pet owner has used capsuled to treat one or two ailments in their pets. Capsules, also known as CBD pills should be swallowed for the dog to experience the effects. Administering pills can be an arduous task especially if your dog has the tendency of refusing to take them even when they’re combined with food. You may want to crush them and add them to small portions of dog food to ensure that your dogs swallow them.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are products meant to be used on your dog’s skin. This method hardly absorbs in the bloodstream and many dog owners are afraid that they could contain high levels of THC. these products are ideal for your dogs if they’re struggling with inflammation and pain. However, they may not be ideal for use on dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

Dog Treats

CBD oil for dogs is also available in treats. Treats are edibles that are easy for your dog to eat since they come in the form of an interesting substance they would love to eat. One of the downsides of using dog treats, however, is the fact that they’re slow acting. Due to this, dog owners are likely to get concerned if their pets don’t seem to respond to the CBD and translate the same to mean that the dosage isn’t enough.

Avoid Over Dosing Your Dog

You should avoid administering more than the recommended dosage because you could end up overdosing the dog. You should instead wait for the treatment to take effect regardless of how long it takes. Still, you may want to keep a record of your dog’s reaction just to understand the effects better.

If you’ve just started using CBD oil on your dog, you’ll want to start with a low dose and increase it gradually. This gives you an opportunity to monitor how your dog reacts and prepares you to deal with any severe side effects.

Dosing Considerations

When it comes to dosing factors, you need to consider the size of your dog. It’s worth noting that dog species are different and what works for one species may not present the same reaction on another species. If you have a large dog species, you will need to use larger doses.

Dosages could also vary depending on the product type and the CBD oil concentration in the product. Establish whether or not your dog has any underlying conditions that could interfere with the CBD reaction. Just like you would do with conventional medication, discussing your dog’s needs with your veterinarian comes in handy to help you make an informed choice.

Understanding the Basic Dosing Guidelines

Here are the dosage guidelines for your dogs. Still, you’ll need to check with each product because brands and different products come with a dosage suggestion and guide often available on their websites.

CBD oil drops

For CBD oil drops, every dose should be approximately 2 to 4 drops twice a day. Some people say that a regular dose for your dog should be 0.25 mg CBD oil for every pound of your dog’s body weight.

CBD Pills

For CBD capsules, one pill can be taken once or even twice a day following the same formula for the CBD oil drops. However, you’ll need to be extra cautious to understand the amount of CBD in each pill to ensure your pet is getting the correct amount.

The same formula applies to dog treats. One thing you may want to know about dog treats that have CBD, however, is: they have no standard amount of CBD on various brands available. This means you should adhere to the directions given on the packaging.

Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Separation Anxiety

Here are some of the best CBD oil product you can choose for our dog.

1. Hemp Bombs Pet CBD Oil

The Hemp Bombs Pet CBD Oil extract is specially designed for pets. It doesn’t contain THC and is ideal for dogs with separation anxiety, hyperactivity, pain management, and other problems that may develop as your dog ages. This CBD oil extract comes in a 1000 mg bottle and the supplement facts label indicates that a half a dropper serving size contains 16.6 mg pure CBD. According to Hemp Bombs, you need to shake the bottle well before using the product and ensure to give your dog 2 drops for every 10 pounds. For instance, if your pet weighs 50 pounds, you’ll need to administer 10 drops.


You can use this product on all dogs regardless of their size. Mix this oil with food or water. This product is available in different flavors such as beef and chicken. Once administered, the dose will take effect after approximately one hour. Still, Hemp Bombs sounds a warning to pet owners indicating that full effects could take up to one week before they’re entirely manifested. This CBD oil extract is taken through rigorous third party testing to guarantee quality and safety on your pets. While you can order this product from any part of the globe, it can be quite expensive. Use the Hemp Bombs Pet CBD Oil on your dog to treat seizures, insomnia, pain, and anxiety. The flavors will ease the administration process.

2. Honest Paws Relaxation Bundle

The Honest Paws Relaxation Bundle offers two products that are: slow releasing CBD dog treats and a fast releasing tincture. These products aren’t supposed to be utilized together in a dose. They are there to give you an opportunity to choose what works best for your dog. They are packaged together for the purpose of savings which is also a great idea especially if you own several dogs with varying preferences.

High-Quality Raw Materials

These products utilize high-quality ingredients such as organic eggs, organic peanut butter, 100% pure CBD oil, barley flour, and MCT oil. The Honest Paws Relaxation Bundle products are taken through stringent third-party testing procedures to guarantee safety and quality. They’re made from all natural ingredients and are soy free and non-GMO. while they’re effective, these products can be expensive.

3. Holistapet CBD Pet Tincture

The Holistapet CBD Pet Tincture can be used in dogs, rabbits, cats, and even horses. It comes in a bottle complete with a dropper which you can use to directly administer a dose directly on your pet’s mouth. You may also want to add it in their water or even food. This product utilized natural ingredients such as CBD oil and hempseed oil.

Improving the Appearance of your Dog’s skin

The latter is ideal for boosting the immune system and enhancing the appearance of your dog’s skin while giving it a beautiful and healthy coat. The Holistapet CBD Pet Tincture neither contains GMO nor THV. it’s also dairy and gluten free and has been made using pure ingredients with no preservatives or even additives. While it’s effective as is, some buyers said the CBD concentration was low. You can use this product to relieve your dog’s separation anxiety or even seizures. The administration process is also easy thanks to the dropper.

4. MediPets CBD Pet Spray

MediPets provides a unique form of CBD with the CBD spray. To utilize it, all you need to do is take off the cap and spray the dosage on your dog’s mouth. You can also spray it on their food. A tiered system is used to determine the dosage.

This product is made using 100% natural ingredients and it can help you manage anxiety and stress in your pets. The downside of this product is that: there’s no specification in terms of CBD oil concentration per drop. Further, this is a relatively new product in the market which means there are no customer reviews and you’ll have to purchase it to know whether or not it works for your dog.

5. MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs

Just like the name suggests, MediPets CBD Oil is specially formulated for Large Dogs. You can use this product on your to ease anxiety, stress, pain and even depression in humans. Use it on dogs to relieve separation anxiety and pain. In this case, large dogs weigh between 451 to 100 lbs and you’ll need to administer approximately 8 to 10 drops once or even twice a day.

You can decide to mix these dosages with your pet’s treats, water,  or even food. The condition of your dog determines the amount of dosage you’ll give. These products are made using all natural ingredients. It’s THC free and easy to administer. The only downside to this product is; it’s only meant for dogs that weigh 41 to 100 lbs.


CBD oil can be effective on your dog when it comes to relieving separation anxiety and treating various other ailments. Follow the dosage appropriately and discuss your dog’s needs with the vet before introducing CBD oil.