Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD is a natural product that has been widely applied to treat many diseases. CBD is usually extracted from medical Marijuana and natural hemp and its popularity is growing greatly. This has led to the manufacturing of CBD products for its easy consumption. One of the CBD products is CBD oil.

CBD Products for Sale

CBD Products for SaleCannabis sativa plant is found in two forms, marijuana and hemp. They both produce chemical compounds known as cannabinoids, and CBD is one of them. The levels of CBD found in marijuana and hemp is different. Depending on the level of CBD required, CBD oil can be extracted from the two forms. Hemp has a higher content of CBD than Marijuana.

CBD oil is manufactured in different ways, but usually, CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, then a carrier oil is added to the extract and makes it CBD oil. CBD oil is available in varying strengths that dictates how it is consumed.

Most people get worried about getting high after using CBD oil. This shouldn’t be the case, CBD oil doesn’t get you high.  It doesn’t affect your mental processes negatively.

How Is CBD Oil Consumed?

As discussed above, CBD is found in different strength levels which dictates its consumption. Similar to most medicines, the effects of CBD on one person is different on another. Two people may consume a similar product made from CBD oil, one person may get higher amounts of CBD, while the other one may absorb little amounts. This has made CBD oil a challenging product to use. Nevertheless, it is advisable to seek medical advice on how best to consume CBD oil for the best results.

Questions to Ask When Choosing CBD Oil

Since CBD has different levels of effects in different people, you may consider the following when selecting CBD oil:

  • Are CBD products legal in your state?
  • What is your past experience of CBD, if you have ever used it?
  • Do you want to get high or remain mentally clear?
  • Do you need something that has fewer side effects?

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Benefits of CBD Oil

Reduce arthritis pain

This is one of the most popular reasons why people use CBD oil. European Journal of Pain has a study that experiments an animal to find out if CBD could be used by people to manage pain caused by arthritis. Rats were used in this experiment. A topical gel that contained CBD was applied to the rats and lasted for four days. After observation, the researchers found out that the signs of pain and inflammation had reasonably dropped, and there were no side effects. This means that people affected with arthritis may apply CBD oil to manage the pain associated with the disease. However, more research on human subjects is required.

Lessen muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis

Muscle spasms are a major symptom of multiple sclerosis. They can cause frequent pain to those it affects. Multiple sclerosis is an ailment that affects the nerves and brains, thus has a great negative impact on the whole body. A report has shown that the use of CBD oil for a short while could decrease the frequency of muscle spasms, which eventually reduce the pain they cause.

Reduce smoking cessation

It is at times difficult to manage smoking addiction in tobacco smokers. A study has shown that CBD could be used when treating nicotine addiction. The researchers assessed 24 smokers who wished to stop smoking.  There were those who inhaled CBD and others inhaled placebo for a period of one week. Every time they felt the urge to smoke, they were instructed to inhale the product. The smokers were observed throughout the week, those who inhaled placebo didn’t show a difference in the number of cigarettes smoked while there was a decline in the number of cigarettes smoked for those who inhaled CBD.

Treatment for anxiety disorders

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in life. Nevertheless, people affected by anxiety disorders have anxiety frequently. That is, they have intense and persistence worry about almost every situation. The feelings are sudden and often leads to panic attacks. A review of the use of CBD oil to treat anxiety disorders found that there is clinical evidence that supports its usage to treat generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social anxiety disorder. This, however, is the case when CBD is administered acutely.

Treat epilepsy

Epilepsy affects the nerves and brains leading to abnormal brain activity. This disorder causes seizures, which are periods of unusual sensations, behavior, and loss of awareness.  A report has shown that the use of CBD oil with the appropriate dosage could decrease the frequency of seizures, and manage epilepsy.

Reduce acne

Many people have been affected by this skin condition and are often looking for its treatment.  Acne is thought to be caused by factors that include bacteria, underlying inflammation, genetics and overproduction of sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that is secreted by the skin’s sebaceous glands.

Some recent scientific studies show that CBD oil is relevant for treating acne. This is because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and is able to reduce the sebum produced by the skin. Specifically, a test-tube study has shown that CBD oil prevented sebaceous glands from producing excess sebum, and the activation of ‘pro-acne’ agents was prevented.

Manage blood pressure

Managing blood pressure is one way of maintaining heart health. Some recent studies have indicated that CBD has the ability to lower high blood pressure. It is found to be a natural and effective treatment. High blood pressure could cause heart attack, stroke, and metabolic syndrome.

A study used 10 healthy men to test this CBD effectiveness. The men were administered with one dose of 600 mg CBD oil.  The dosage was found to reduce high blood pressure. In the same study, the 10 men were given stress tests that usually cause high blood pressure. There was a small blood pressure increase with just a single dose of CBD.

Is CBD oil legal?

CBD oil is legal in some countries and illegal in others. Its non-psychoactive property prevents its prohibition by many countries. The demand for CBD oil has increased due to the increased popularity of its benefits. Regardless of its effectiveness, it’s still in a legal grey area. This is due to its association with cannabis.

There are regions where CBD is legal, while cannabis is illegal. This means that CBD products containing small amounts of THC are illegal in those places. Moreover, in some regions, it’s legal to extract CBD from the cannabis plant and use it as a supplement.  When a CBD product is manufactured in a country where cannabis is legal and is meant to be sold to a country where cannabis is illegal, the product will be legal, provided it doesn’t contain THC.

What Are the Top CBD Based Products?

CBD has been linked with various potential health benefits and is getting very popular.  It is now being used in beverages, oils, balms and dog treats.  The federal approval of a CBD medicine will eventually lead to an increase in the demand of CBD based products.

Below are some of the CBD based products that have become available.

CBD- based Lotions, balms and creams

Since hemp is legal in the US, and CBD is extracted from it, there is an increase in the production of creams and lotions infused with CBD. The product can be sold in boutiques, dispensaries, and traditional stores. As discussed above, CBD can reduce skin inflammation and help soothe the pain. This makes CBD- based creams and lotions a great focus area to existing and emerging companies

CBD- based Beer

Some beer companies are now producing beer with zero alcohol, but with a percentage of CBD. CBD-based beers might be preferred more than alcohol-based beers due to the benefits linked to it.

CBD- based vape pens and gummies

Most vape pens and e-cigarettes contain either nicotine or THC. However, some companies are now producing cartridges and disposable devices that contain CBD only. They are sold in certain points such as dispensaries. Moreover, some gummies are now made with CBD.

CBD treats for pets

Manufacturers of pet treats are now producing CBD treats for the pets in your home. They can be bought from stores and online. The treats don’t contain any amount of THC. THC is psychoactive and can have a negative effect on the animals or cause their death. Consequently, it is important to check and confirm that the pet treat contains CBD only.

CBD-based water, juice, and tea

Grocery chains and dispensaries are now selling juice, water, and tea that contain CBD. With the potential benefits of CBD, they are now being preferred more than regular drinks.

CBD- based supplements

Supplement manufacturers are producing formulas containing CBD. New pills with the addition of CBD are now available.

CBD-based coffee

There are specialty-grade coffees that are infused with CBD oil. Consumption of coffee is high in most regions. As a result, the addition of CBD to coffee will provide users with more benefits from a cup of coffee.

Although many studies have shown the potential benefits of CBD, there is a need for more research, especially with human subjects. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that CBD is promising since there are no intoxicating effects associated with it and has fewer side effects. Finally, it is advisable for a person using CBD oil for the first time to discuss its dosage with a doctor.