Demand for CBD based products has been rising exponentially in recent days. This has necessitated manufacturers to devise various options for taking CBD. if you’re new to CBD, you may want to know that Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is a chemical compound obtained from the cannabis plant. CBD is a naturally occurring non-psychoactive compound that’s used to give you a calming and relaxing effect.

CBD Vape Pen: Should I Use It?

Will CBD make You High?

CBD doesn’t make users high. Today, CBD users can choose one among the numerous methods of administering it such as: vaping, sublingual sprays, smoking, and taking CBD oils. One thing you should beware of however is: the way you ingest CBD can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of its dosage.

Understanding CBD Bioavailability Differences

cbd vape penIt’s worth noting that not every CBD product you consume will have a direct impact on your body. Just a specific percentage of CBD penetrates through the systemic circulation within your body to stimulate active effects. Scientifically, this percentage is defined as bioavailability, and it’s highly depended on the way you administer CBD in your body system. For instance, CBD’s oral bioavailability is approximately 15%. What this means is, only 15 grams out of 100 milligrams of CBD you take will penetrate through your bloodstream. You probably are wondering why this is the case.

CBD is Hydrophobic

Well, CBD is hydrophobic which means it’s not water-soluble. You may already know that oil and vinegar don’t mix. In the same way, CBD doesn’t survive in the bloodstream for long. Rather, CBD diffuses out of your blood fast and collects in your fatty tissues. The bad news about action is that it highly cuts down the magnitude of bioactive CBD that can penetrate through your systemic circulation. This allows less CBD to be transferred to its active areas across your body, an action which reduces its bioavailability by a wide margin.

There is a Second Reason

The second reason why this happens is: CBD is an organic compound. For compounds of this stature to enter your gut, they have to penetrate through your liver prior to accessing your circulation. It’s during this conversion that your liver will actively cut down the quantity of CBD. This can either happen through chemical breakdown triggered by enzymes in the liver or absorption, a process referred to as the first pass effect.

Using the CBD Pen to maximize the Effects of CBD

There are various ways to counter the above-mentioned loss of CBD. You may want to consider changing your CBD into either a water-soluble or hydrophobic form. This will go a long way in cutting down the quantity of CBD which dissolves from your bloodstream. Still, you can only achieve this by using elaborate chemical methods such as: via the use of liposomes or cyclodextrins.

The Practical Solution

There is also a more practical solution which is by using vaporization in a bid to divert the first pass effect of oral administration. During vaporization, CBD penetrates through your lungs and directly diffuses in your bloodstream, instead of circulating through your liver and gut. This counters the first pass effect enabling more CBD to penetrate through your system for bioavailability of between 50% and 60%. With this, users are assured of getting the same benefits with just a small amount of CBD.

How Does Vaping Influence the Absorption of CBD in the body?

Vaping offers a significant reduction in the time CBD requires to be active in your body. This is especially because the CBD doesn’t need to traverse through your gut. If you opt for the vaping method of consuming CBD, you are guaranteed to experience its effects between 30 minutes and one hour faster than other methods of administration. This explains why vaping is an efficient method of CBD delivery. Still, it’s important to understand that people’s bodies react differently to different products. You may want to begin with small doses, monitor your body closely, carry out extensive research, and contact your physician as fast as possible in the event of severe complications.

Research Extensively

Before you settle for vaping, you want to research widely in order to get a comprehensive understanding of CBD oil or any other CBD based product of your choice. Remember, the vaping industry is rather new and just like cannabis, there’s not been enough regulatory oversight regarding it. What’s more, many companies are today producing a clear and comparable CBD solution. What this means is: the CBD amount in various products is not the same as what is indicated on the label. You may have to request for both third parties and in house test results from the manufacturers of your preferred brand just to be sure that it’s of high quality.

Disposable CBD Vaping Pens

Many people today are loving CBD which comes with immense properties such as anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. There’s no denying that CBD has garnered a high reputation over the years and its future seems bright more so with the various types of CBD products that are entering the market today at an alarming rate. Each form of CBD product comes with varying benefits and one of the exciting methods of administering CBD in your body system is through vaporizing.

Why is Vaping Better than Smoking?

The good news about vaporizing is: it doesn’t involve combustion and this is said to be far much healthier as opposed to smoking. If you’re like many people who are confused about where to begin in their vaping journey, here are some of the best CBD pens to choose from. You’ll be excited to learn that these pens are disposable and come with various components to maximize your vaping experience.

Best CBD Vape Pens

Telenovela Pen by Quill

The Telenovela pens are discreet and sleek and are specially designed for the purposes of micro-dosing. Each of these pens comes with a 1:1 CBD: THC ratio obtained from terpene-rich CO2 cannabis. It doesn’t contain artificial flavors or any other toxic substances. It comes in an alluring design to ensure that users enjoy their CBD discreetly. What’s more, users can take their CBD anywhere without feeling intimidated. Each puff offers 2 mg of cannabis. The production process is executed in small batches to guarantee quality. The manufacturer obtains ingredients from a single source and users can be guaranteed of good quality products.

Pineapple Express CBD Pen by Try The CBD

Each Try the CBD’s pens comes with 200mg of CBD which is obtained from industrial hemp grown in Colorado. Further, it’s filled with express pineapple terpene flavoring which comprises of limonene terpenes, beta-caryophyllene, and beta-pinene. In addition, it comes infused in medium chain triglycerides (MCT) oil, a healthy fat available in coconut oil. All the pens don’t contain emulsifying agents such as propylene glycol.

CBD+ Pens by Wildflower

The vaporizer pens from Wildflower are visually appealing. They come in a shorter form which allows users to stash them safely in their pockets or bags. They also feature a basic cannabis flower logo. There are two varieties in the market and each comprises of hemp oriented CBD. One of the varieties comes with essential oils such as peppermint and lavender.

It’s specially designed to relieve anti-inflammatory aches. The other variety comprises myrrh, thyme, and eucalyptus and is specially designed to calming down various conditions such as flu or inflamed sinuses. The pens’ bottoms are specially designed to light up every time users inhale the product. Each puff has 2 mg of CBD.

Understanding Pre-filled CBD Cartridges

CBD cartridges are small vape tanks which come prefilled with CBD vaping juice. CBD cartridges use internal coils, they are slim and come with a standard 510 threading to guarantee compatibility with a wide range of vape pens. CBD cartridges give users convenience when it comes to vaping CBD.

Disposable and Cost Friendliness

They’re disposable, which eliminates the need for maintenance practices. Further, they are cost-friendly as opposed to the refillable CBD pens. In the past, CBD cartridges used the ancient technology innovated for e-cigarettes. It wasn’t until recently when manufacturers started adopting new and advanced technology. For instance, the latest cartridges come with a cotton wicking and a CCELL coil tech.


Many of the available CBD cartridges today are refillable easy to open and can be utilized more than once before they are finally disposed of. Cartridges can be utilized on different wattage batteries some of them feature a ceramic coil on top of the cotton wicking, they can use both manual and draw activated batteries, and various cartridges can easily operate with a huge percentage of 510 compatible vaping pens. Like everything else that has a drawback, in this case, the drawback is the fact that some oil cartridges don’t display the battery life.


Do you want to start vaping? If you do, you need to conduct comprehensive research to understand various vaping products in the industry. This goes a long way in helping you pick the best that meets your needs. Remember CBD is becoming popular by the day and many unscrupulous dealers are taking advantage of increasing demand to produce substandard products. Beware of this and remember to ask for third-party test results to ensure your preferred products are safe for human consumption.