Are you considering using CBD to treat a certain condition? That’s great because you can also get other medicinal benefits without spending extra cash. However, one should remember that consuming cannabidiol requires moderation. So, today we’ll look at how to use CBD Oil with the right dosage.

CBD 101: How to Use CBD Oil In the Right Dosage

How to Use CBD Oil In the Right Dosage

Consult Your Doctor

Truth is, CBD is 100% organic and doesn’t cause side effects when consumed safely. However, most doctors still need to do extensive research on how CBD interacts with other medication. Plus, there are other factors to consider like age, weight, lifestyle.

Here are some medical conditions that require a doctor’s approval

Chronic Insomnia

Doctors usually recommend benzodiazepines such as Lunesta, Doral, and Ativan because they enable the central nervous system to calm down. However, some people abuse them by taking more pills than what the doctor prescribed. This builds up a high tolerance towards the sedative that’s unnecessary.

At this point, the patient might feel inclined to purchase CBD oils to help with sleep. Is this safe? No, it isn’t because overdosing on sedatives can shut down your respiratory system. It’s just as risky as consuming large amounts of alcohol right after taking two sleeping pills.

Liver problems

CBD is known to increase enzyme production in the liver. This is beneficial in the digestions of fats. On the other hand, it poses a risk when consumed with other medication. Why? Because the excess enzymes can alter the way your body absorbs pills prescribed by the doctor.

Some doctors are also concerned that consuming CBD without doctor’s approval could be fatal. For instance, someone taking Coumadin puts themselves at great risk when consuming CBD at the same time. Why? Because the cannabidiol inhibits the liver’s ability to absorb the drug. This can lead to internal bleeding.


People living with epilepsy usually take Clobazam because it reduces irregular activity in the affected brain neurons. Doctors also prescribe Diazepam to inhibit muscle spasms by regulating activity in the nerves. Well, full spectrum CBD oil can also do the same. But, is it safe to combine it with benzodiazepines?

In 1992, a team of medical researchers led by Lester Bornheim discovered that taking moderate amounts of CBD together with Clobazam can actually worsen your seizures. According to the report, cannabidiol affects the release of cytochrome P40 enzymes, which are responsible for breaking down Clobazam.

Situations where you can use CBD without doctor’s recommendation

Pre and Post Workout

If you hit the gym regularly, then you know that it’s easier to lift more weight and do more sets when your mind is relaxed. CBD brings about this tranquility in your mind and muscles, which is what you need to achieve an attractive physique.

Nowadays, you can get rid of aches and pains by rubbing CBD post workout cream on affected areas. How does it work? Your skin has an endocannabinoid system that absorbs CBD. The absorbed cannabidiol gets rid of inflammation and reduces stress in your pain receptors.

Treating Toe Fungus

You really don’t need to see a doctor when you have mild toe fungal infection. A quick visit to the pharmacy will solve the problem. Alternatively, you can also get powerful CBD oil or creams at your nearby marijuana dispensary. So, what are the benefits of using it to treat toe fungus?

Unlike certain antifungal creams, CBD oils lack that pungent smell. It’s also 100% organic and that makes it safe because your skin absorbs everything. Cannabidiol works so well that you won’t see any recurrence.

Healing fractures

When you sustain a fracture, your doctor will recommend a diet rich in calcium and proteins. Eggs, beef, and dairy products enable your body to produce sufficient bone marrow in the affected area. Calcium helps in the generation of new bone cells and strengthens joints.

Did you know that cannabidiol actually improves the metabolism in your bone cells? Taking CBD frequently, especially full spectrum enables your bones to absorb nutrients and rebuild at a faster rate. That’s good news to athletes because CBD works to help you bounce back faster. Plus, your body also absorbs more nutrients in the nearby areas and this assures you of a full recovery.

Treating acne

Acne appears when there’s inflammation due to the skin producing excess oil. While acne typically fades away after a year or two, some people still battle it in their adulthood. Can you use CBD oil to stop this skin condition? Yes, you can.

CBD full spectrum oil and creams contain cannabinoids that slow down inflammation in your skin cells. Plus, they also enable your skin’s endocannabinoid system to regulate production of sebum, the oil responsible for giving your skin a smooth appearance. Unlike over-the-counter creams, CBD oils lack heavy metals and other toxins that put you in a greater risk of developing skin cancer.

Alleviating heart burns

CBD can relieve mild heartburn like the ones experienced after enjoying a heavy Thanksgiving dinner. It works in two ways to help you feel better. First, the cannabinoids present in CBD oil or capsules regulate excess production of stomach acid.

Second, cannabidiol neutralizes pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s actually becoming more popular because some over-the-counter medication brings about headaches and nausea. It also doesn’t alter the way your stomach produces acid and digestive enzymes.

Dealing with toothaches

CBD has even made its way into some dental clinics. You can use it to treat toothaches because dentists believe it controls pain by slowing down inflammation. Most toothaches usually arise when trapped decaying food particles bring about harmful bacteria.

Cannabidiol has strong antifungal compounds that can restore your gum’s health. You’ll also notice reduced swelling in the affected areas because CBD destroys the bacteria by making their cell membranes collapse.


Sometimes life-changing opportunities can bring a little anxiety. For instance, the career opening you hoped for three months ago is finally here and you’ve been shortlisted for an upcoming interview. One can lose sleep tossing and turning in bed wondering whether they have what it takes to ace the interview.

Truth is, your body needs adequate sleep to rejuvenate. In such situations, chewing a couple of CBD gummies half an hour before bedtime will slow down your racing thoughts. The tranquil effects enable your mind to shut down and you enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

Chapped lips

Chapped lips can be embarrassing especially when you’re standing in front of people giving a presentation. It also makes it eating spicy or hot foods uncomfortable due to small wounds on and around the corners of the lips. Can CBD help in restoring your lips?

Yes, it can. Cannabidiol improves your skin by enhancing your skin’s endocannabinoid system. This enables it to retain enough nutrients for a full bright appearance. For best results, make sure you drink 6-8 glasses of water every day.

Tattoo Aftercare

After getting a tattoo, your skin swells and becomes painful. That’s due to inflammation caused by the needle piercing and tearing through your flesh. Applying cream can help but some might contain ingredients that affect the healing process.

CBD, on the other hand, contains potent anti-inflammatory properties. Rubbing it will reduce the swelling and ease the pain efficiently. Plus, it’s organic and that’s great because you won’t experience any side effects.

The Three Forms of CBD Explained

CBD oil comes in three forms; capsules, tinctures, and vapes. Each serves its own purpose because they carry different concentrations. Let’s take a brief look at how to use each of them.

This isn’t a legit doctor’s prescription because CBD varies with individual biological factors.

CBD vape oil

This is perhaps the most potent form of CBD. Doctors don’t recommend vaping to non-smokers because it might bring about unwanted reactions, which people wrongly assume as side effects. For instance, headaches, vomiting, and drowsiness.

What’s the best dosage to start with? A 10mg CBD isolate cart is a safe bet. Take a moderate puff then wait for at least 15 minutes before taking another, if need be. Caffeine affects the endocannabinoid’s ability to absorb CBD. So, avoid taking coffee, energy drinks, or sodas before and after vaping.

CBD oil tinctures

If your doctor recommends CBD oil drops, here’s how you can calculate the dosage per milliliter. This is important because it helps you to regulate your dosage. When you come across a 30ml tincture with 1,200-milligram concentration, the amount of CBD might seem ridiculous.

Well, the first step is understanding that a 30 ml bottle contains thirty servings. So, how much CBD are you actually ingesting per drop? Take the milligram concentration and divide it by milliliters indicated on your bottle. In our case, that’s 1,200 milligrams/30 milliliters which equal to 40mg of cannabidiol per serving.

Your doctor will recommend tinctures within the range of 10-15mg of CBD per drop. While using, avoid smoking tobacco or marijuana to avoid altering the effects.

CBD oil capsules

Are you having stomach or digestive illnesses? CBD capsules are ideal because they provide localized treatment. Swallowing them sends CBD directly to affected areas as opposed to taking drops or vaping.

Your doctor will advise you to start with a 10mg serving. It takes 40-60 minutes for the capsule to take effect. As time goes by, you might feel the need to up your dosage. Currently, there’s a pill containing 100mg. Avoid taking your capsules with alcohol or sedatives.

How to Use CBD Oil: What factors do doctors consider?

Presence or absence of cannabinoids

Have you ever visited a dispensary and the budtender asked whether you wanted CBD isolate or full spectrum? Isolate cannabidiol lacks organic compounds and chemicals found in a hemp or marijuana plant. Full spectrum, on the other hand, has a stronger medicinal effect thanks to other cannabinoids that act as boosters.

If you’re using a CBD isolate product, the concentration per milliliter will be less than a full spectrum one. Also, CBD isolate is recommended for minor problems such as having a sleepless night prior to an exam or job interview.

Day or Night time use

When using CBD to manage chronic pain, then you’ll probably medicate twice a day. A doctor will recommend a moderate CBD dosage that alleviates pain without making you drowsy. You may also notice that your doctor recommends taking medication in the morning and evenings.  This gives your body enough time to absorb the cannabidiol.

Doctors can recommend stronger doses to patients using CBD for chronic insomnia or PTSD. These conditions overwhelm the brain’s ability to shut down at night. So, one needs high amounts of CBD to calm down irregular brain activity.

Level of Cannabis use

Did you know that cannabis takes 30-60 days to disappear from your body? This is important because CBD reacts differently inside a recreational cannabis user’s body compared to someone who’s just medicating.

Your doctor might recommend full spectrum products because you’ve already accustomed your body to cannabinoids. Also, the dosage might vary depending on how you take marijuana. Someone who dabs THC oils and waxes gets more cannabinoids than a joint smoker.

Medical history of the patient

Earlier on, we saw that certain conditions such as epilepsy, chronic insomnia, and liver illnesses require a doctor’s consent due to the medication involved in treatment. Your doctor has to do extensive research on the way CBD and full spectrum cannabinoids interact with pharmaceuticals.

Doctors also consider the history of drug use when using cannabidiol to treat recovering heroin and opiate addicts.

How to take CBD oil

Oral ingestion

Obviously, this is the main method of intake due to a couple of reasons. One, it’s easy to administer and two, your body absorbs CBD within 10-60 minutes. It’s also safe for both kids and adults.

Earlier on, we looked at CBD products for oral consumption such as capsules and tinctures. Did you know you can also make your own CBD infused cooking oil? Here’s how to do it

1. Purchase an ounce of a CBD rich strain

If you reside in California, Colorado, or other states where you can use marijuana-derived CBD, you can try this at home. The main ingredient required is a CBD-rich strain such as ACDC or Charlotte’s Web. It’s also great because you’re able to get full-spectrum oil more affordably.

Will I get high using these strains? Well, some such as Harlequin and Ringo’s Gift contain THC more than 1% THC. So, you might experience some mild to moderate intoxication when using these strains to make your infused oil.

2. Decarboxylate your buds

Decarboxylation is just a simple process of using heat to activate cannabidiol from a dormant state into one that’s readily absorbed by the body. After getting your preferred CBD -rich strain, get a weed grinder, a clean oven tray, and aluminum foil.

Grind your buds to allow a larger surface area for heat absorption. Put the weed in your oven tray while spreading it out corner to corner. Next, preheat your oven at 200 degrees for five minutes. Put the weed inside and increase the temperature to 220 degrees.

After half an hour, switch off your oven and get the bud out. It will appear brown and smell like vaped cannabis, which is usually strong, so watch out for nosy neighbors. You’ll need 250 ml of coconut or olive oil for the next step. Why are they necessary? Because their high-fat content enables them to absorb all the CBD and beneficial cannabinoids present in marijuana.

3. Mix with cooking oil

Put your decarboxylated weed in a clean saucepan then mix it with either coconut or olive cooking oil. Fill up some water in a double boiler then place a saucepan on top so that it absorbs heat from the boiling water underneath. Switch on the stove, cover your saucepan and let it sit on a low-temperature fire for about four hours.

Once it’s ready, get a clean glass bowl and some cheesecloth. Pour the oil through the cheesecloth so you can filter out chopped buds. You’ll notice that the oil is golden to dark brown, and may have a distinct cannabis smell when heated.

4. Use moderately

While this method enables you to get high amounts of CBD safely, it comes with a major limitation. It’s impossible to analyze the CBD concentration in your infused coconut or infused oil. Also, if you’re using a CBD-rich strain with THC above 5%, the psychoactive effects are enhanced after infusion.


Inhaling CBD oil through vaping or smoking ensures it gets into your arteries and veins almost instantly. Unlike cigarettes, you won’t expose your lungs to a concoction of toxic chemicals while puffing away. In fact, it’s so safe that even professional sports players are using CBD legally without fear of failing drug tests.

Does vaping or smoking CBD bring about side effects? No, you won’t however, your body will react to excess amounts. You’ll experience heavy drowsiness and that sucks because it drains all the energy meant for productive tasks.

Topical creams

Say goodbye to ice compress packs and hello to CBD creams for pain relief. You can use it to get rid of joint pains after a tiring day at the construction site or a high-intensity workout session. How does it work? Your skin and muscles have an endocannabinoid system.

When you apply the cream, cannabidiol gets absorbed directly into your skin. It works against pain by reducing inflammation in sore tissues and regulating activity in your pain receptors. You won’t experience any side effects with CBD creams because they’re blended with Aloe Vera or hemp oil.

You can also visit any licensed marijuana dispensary and get CBD creams for acne.


CBD is a great alternative to pharmaceuticals commonly used in treating various conditions like insomnia, PTSD, opiate addiction, just to name a few. The fact that it’s 100% organic makes it safe for both kids and adults. Plus, you can absorb it into your body by ingesting or rubbing it on your skin.

How does one get the best experience with CBD oil? Always consult your doctor because he or she is better placed to assess your body’s response to cannabidiol. Also, talk to your doctor whenever you want to get a stronger dose.

Thanks for reading this post. We’re happy to answer any questions you have on CBD oil.